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Here we can see an overview of the various ALHAT functions. ALHAT is focused on safely landing spacecraft or other instruments on potentially hazardous terrain using images and lidar maps. This functionality is currently being tested in the field.
Terrain Sensing and Recognition Functions
Hazard Relative Navigation Operational Concept
Flash Lidar
High Fidelity Hazard Detection Simulation

Hazard Detection Field Test

ALHAT on Morpheus


An illustration of the Morpheus vehicle that will be used for terrestrial field testing of the Hazard Detection System over simulated lunar terrain in construction at the Kennedy Space Center.
ALHAT on Morpheus
Hazard Field
Lunar Terrain Field Constructed at Kennedy Space Center
ALHAT/Morpheus Free Flight 11 Maps

ALHAT Helicopter Campaign


The ALHAT system takes to the air! Visible underneath the helicopter are the gimbal and flash Lidar assembly.
ALHAT Helicopter System
ALHAT Helicopter Test Team

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